Best Bluetooth Headset

What is the best Bluetooth headset?
When picking headset for everyday usage, you must consider numerous things. How they are feeling in your ear, how can you hear through them…. We are here to help you choose the right product for you.

So, what is a headset after all? Headset are headphones and microphone in one product. Headsets make sure that you can use telephone with hands-free operation. Headsets usually have only one speaker like a telephone, but they can  also have speakers for both ears. They have many uses like for jobs in call centers, for people on computers or  for anybody who needs  to have both hands free during some conversation.

bluetooth headsetBluetooth headset

Bluetooth is a wireless technology which  can connect two devices and then share information. It can also connect headsets to your mobile phone or computer and allow you to talk with someone. Also it can be used in  connecting keyboard and mouse to the computer or two mobile phones in sharing data. You can even listen to music from your laptop through this kind of headset and walk all over your apartment doing chores.

Types of headsets can be mono and stereo. Each one of them is better for something else, made for different activity. Later in the article we will show you advantages and disadvantages of both kind of headsets.

Best Bluetooth headset

If you are interested in Bluetooth headsets you must know that on today’s market there are numerous types, styles and brands. Here are some tips for you to find out what makes some headset better than other, and things that you must consider.

At the beginning, you must try headphones so you will know how they sit in your ear. One of the most common problem with headset is comfort. It is extremely important for someone to have earphones which doesn’t hurt your ear in any way. Due to that, there are headphones with rubber ear bud that can sit partly in your ear, or there are some which are on the edge. This is an individual opinion.

Next, if you are using  them with your mobile phone, you will want them to have great call quality, so you can talk without disturbance no matter where you are at the moment. It is extremely important for you to hear the other person, but the other person must also hear you without any problem.

The other important thing you must consider is battery life. If you talk a lot on your phone for you is better something like the Plantronics M50  which can last up to 10 hours. But, for almost every other headset, battery lasts for couple of hours during usage. You need to know that your mobile phone’s battery will also last less when Bluetooth is on.

Bluetooth is wireless technology and it has some range. There aren’t many differences in this part.  Theoretically maximum range of Bluetooth technology is 33 feet, but that is very hard to accomplish. Most of the headphones have range around 10, 15 feet, but there are some which can go up to 20 feet without static disturbance. The walls or any other physical barrier can also shorten your range.

Mono Bluetooth Headset vs. Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Monaural (mono) headset is one, most of the time, small product. It has one single earpiece and microphone that sticks out from that earpiece to your mouth. These headset is great because you can talk to someone through earpiece and the other ear is free to hear what is happening around you. Most of the time it has better design than stereo headset and it is usually used by business men and women.

Stereo headset has different design than mono headset. It has 2 earpieces that fit in or against your ear and microphone slightly offset from your mouth. It covers both of your ears so you can concentrate  only on sounds coming from them. Thanks to their design you can hear your conversation way better that on the mono headset due to the stereo surrounding system. They can be used for conversation or for listening to music because they cover both ears.

Best Mono Bluetooth Headset

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Best Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Backbeat Go-2Jabra clipper-2nokia bh 905 1-2Motorola Motorokr S305-2Novero Tour-2

Bluetooth headset is one of the best products in the market because it really helps people in everyday life. You can’t say which headset is the best Bluetooth headset, because it is a personal opinion, but you can say that some Bluetooth headsets are better than others. Every Bluetooth headset is the best Bluetooth headset, depending on the customers and their needs.